Live Your Life, Fruitfully!

Tagge’s Famous Fruit and Veggie Farms offer some of the best produce Utah has to offer. Visit one of our fruit stands to get Utah fresh produce. Tagge’s Famous Fruit and Veggie Farms is the closest you can get from farm to table.


Announcements For Harvest 2016!

  • Be an “Early Bird” and sign-up for Tagges Farm Basket CSA program before April 15th and enjoy a $20-60 savings! It’s a wonderful way get a generous weekly supply of our amazing fresh fruits and veggies.
  • If you haven’t tried our delicious fruit jams and salsas, it’s definitely time. Call Cari Tagge at 801-755-8034 and get your’s today.
  • Full cases of our juicy ripe berries will be available during the season when ready. We will let you know by email when you can buy them.
  • And finally… Don’t forget to visit one of our many fruit stands, or come see us at the Farmer’s Market!

It all started in 1972!

“As a boy, Thayne Tagge would come to Bear Lake to waterski with his family each summer. He knew how wonderful the Bear Lake Raspberries were and decided one summer to bring some home to Salt Lake City to sell…”

Check out our famous jams and salsa!

Is your piece of toast lacking flavor? Are your tortilla chips a little bland? We’re here to fix that with our delicious jams and salsa. Try our Peach Salsa today!


Chunky Garden Salsa – Hot


Peach Salsa – Mild


Raspberry Jam


Strawberry Jam


Tagge’s Farm Basket CSA Program

Dedicated to offering Utah’s best CSA (Community Sponsored Agriculture) program.

Sign up today and receive a generous weekly supply of Tagge’s finest local fruits and vegetables. This is our 6th year providing so many farm fresh tastes to the community.

Our 15 week CSA program begins on July 5th, 2016 and ends the week of October 15th, 2016. We pride ourselves on offering our customers an amazing variety of fruits and vegetables, handpicked to ripeness.